Bass Reeves Bio

Bass Reeves is an American independent hip hop recording Artist/Producer from New York. Formerly known as E-LUX; he has released music digitally on ITunes, Spotify, Tidal, Amazon, and most streaming services under the name E-LUX.  Those albums released were “Fallen Soldier”, “First In Last Out”, and “Enormity “which was a EP from the group QUIET MOB. As E-LUX he was also part of a group  “The Quiet Mob” and the group released a single “Red Light Green Light”, and “Remember them Niggas from the Hill "on ECHO USA. Bass Reeves is the founder of an independent record label name Quiet Mob Productions in which all his music has been released. Bass Reeves has produced all of his projects as well as the Enormity EP. 

Currently Bass Reeves is releasing a new project called “Black Scrolls Volume 1 on November 7. 2017. This album is one of his bet releases to date. Fans love the name change and the music has also changed as Reeves lets it all hang out on this album. Bass Reeves is also featured on a single by recording artist A.O.N (All or Nothing) from Savannah GA named “Be Still” which was released Oct.3.2017 digitally and produced by Bass Reeves. 

Bass Reeves does not cater his music to trends but tends to push the boundaries of being creative and is willing to take chances when being creative. His passion for music goes above and beyond. His rhymes are sharp and delivery is masculine and smooth.  If you love hip hop that’s all about reality and then you will love Bass Reeves. 

Check out more of Bass Reeves on his website Also check out Bass Reeves on his radio station on Pandora. Bass Reeves is available on all streaming services.