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  1. Grown Man Music

From the albums Grown Man Music and ENORMITY

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Quiet Mob once again has showcased their diversity. With their first hit single "Oral Surgery" featuring Net1 Tha Livest and E-LUX they are back once again! This time D.A aka David Ashby makes his debut accompanied by E-LUX and they go in for a round display on "Grown Man Music".

Produced by E-LUX this cleverly up tempo hard hitting track attracts the audience of all hip hop lovers and disappoints know one! D.A displays his lyrical abilities with his southern swag and represents on this track showing that he a force not to be reckoned with. E-LUX as usual gives you that uncanny style which is never the same as he attacks this track giving way for D.A to destroy it and he does just that.

Grown Man music basically states one fact; that these guys are not to be played with lyrically. Quiet Mob is the definition of real hip hop with no sugar coating on it.

Unlike any other artist in the game they set the stage on 'Grown Man Music" to explain exactly why it is grown man music. Quiet Mob lets the music speak for it self.